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Have you ever thought, "Why am I here?" "Why was I born?" "Why me?" "What difference can I make?" "What am I supposed to be doing?"

Your God given gifts, talents, persuasions, abilities, and "frustrations" are all indicators to what problem God has created you to solve while you are here on earth. God does have a master plan for your life. We understand that as your KINGDOM ASSIGNMENT.

God has raised Agape up to help escort you into your created purpose. Your purpose may be an event or it may be season oriented. Your Assignment is like that itch that you can't seem to scratch no matter how hard or how far you reach. It is that thing that you naturally just love to do. It is the thing that when you do it for others, you notice that you are your happiest and you have peace.

You must understand that your KINGDOM ASSIGNMENT is not decided by you, it is DISCOVERED by you!

Join us and let us welcome you to Agape Love Faith Church as you discover what your love for God is meant to help you birth.

God's Agape Love Faith Church is located @ 743 Missouri Avenue Suite 2 in St. Robert, Missouri. (Old Q's Billiards Bldg.)

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