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"For the past 6-7 months I have been going through marital problems, self esteem issues, not knowing what my purpose in life was and struggling trying to keep my family together. My spouse was going back and forth on wanting to divorce me or stay. It was just madness. But I remained in prayer and at times allowed the enemy to distract my main focus on God vs my situation(s). And during this time I have been blessed to have bad Men and Women of God in my life whom guides me and I have to say that Pastor Howard with his word of encouragement in a very short time has led me to two more amazing people and I believe and know that may days of fear an uncertainty are gone. I was given word on 11/18/12 by a woman of God that he lead me to and and I followed her directions that day and Gods promises to me manifested before the day was over. I know what is it I am now, my husband revealed himself to me and my marriage is stable. And I just Thank God for all that he has done, is doing and will do in my life. I realize now that being obedient to God and taking heed to was Pastor Howard has told me to do, and just listening is why I have peace right now in my life. It is an amazing feeling."

Marquita Black

"About 3 months ago a got a seasonal job through my old co-worker as a Safety/Guide/Hospitality....not a permanent position but I took it. Was standing on post and this gentlemen was on this bike riding toward of course my job is to greet and guide...can't remember how the conversation started, but we got in this deep conversation about God....and my mind you I'm looking at this man saying what does he know about God because if you could of seen him well all I'm going to say on that note is you can NEVER judge a book by it's cover!!!!! This man told me to start tithing to my church. I told him I didn't have one at the moment. Can't remember the exact words but I remember saying to him my Brother-in-law is a Pastor and he said there you go... To make a long story shorter I started tithing.... Job ended kept praying for a job and went on an interview for a Security position and got the job.... Never know who God is going to place in your life so the next time your in a situation be mindful.... AMEN"

Doretha Dickey

"As with many people, being at a low point in my life is what brought me to God. My husband and I had been going through many struggles in our marriage over the past six years and I had been battling depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem; we had separated ourselves from God and thought we could be happy without His help. I tell you right now…..THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE, THE DEVIL IS A LIAR! (We both tried and FAILED miserably) If it was not for God and the God in Pastor Howard, I know my husband and I would have been filing divorce papers before the end of 2012 was over.
Background: I have extremely active children and have always used them as the reason for me not going to church. My excuses were= Sunday service is during the kids nap time; there is no child care and my kids will distract me so much I won’t get anything out of coming; and Wednesday service is inconvenient due to work schedule and dinner/bed time (Bad excuses, I know!). After talking with Pastor Howard, we agreed that even if it is only for 15 minutes we were going to start coming to church. :) Little did I know how fast I would grow….
One of the first services I attended four months ago, Pastor was teaching us how to receive our inheritance from God. This is something that has really sunk down deep inside me and is now a part of my everyday vocabulary and easy reference manual. (HEAR => BELIEVE => RECEIVE) We must HEAR the Word of God! When we hear it (or recite it or confess it) we begin to BELIEVE it. Then because we believe it, we will RECEIVE it! So why do I reference this past teaching? Because Eph 1:11-13 states BEFORE ANY OF THIS, I must TRUST God!!!!!!!!! Hearing and Believing is not enough! If I don’t trust what I am hearing, how will anything else manifest? ***Once I started whole heartedly TRUSTING GOD, Blessings have been pouring on me. My marriage is healing, my finances are getting stable, my children are loving church, that is only a few; I still have all of the same things going on in my life as I did prior to coming to the Lord (full time wife, full time mother of two small children and one teenager, full time job, full time college, and a part time Soldier) BUT since Trusting God, the weight have been lifted and I don’t have the stress I once had that crippled me from enjoying any of it. :) PRAISE GOD FOR THAT!!!!!!
God operates on the principle of 'gradual growth,' and that means things change little by little. To see the fullness of God's plan come to pass, we must be patient and learn to celebrate our progress. We need to recognize how far we have come in reaching our goals, and not only see how far we still have to go. ****I may not be at my ‘finish line’ but I sure am not where I was four months ago! I AM COMMITTED TO GOD AND MY DIVINE ASSIGNMENT! I have never felt so FREE and EMPOWERED as I do right now and I am completely excited to see where else and what else God has in store for me and my family…..
Thank you Lord; I am committed to You; I will continue to PUSH, PRESS, and PURSUE!"

Vanessa Torres

"AGod spoke to me through Pastor Howard. I was on a plane back home. I didn't understand then, the but I understand now. Before, I didn't have anything and my life was empty. Now, through God, I have everything. I want everybody to know that life without God is empty and it has no meaning. We don't have to worry about anything because God will never leave his children behind.

Words are not enough to describe exactly what I mean and I don't know how to fully express the joy I feel in my heart. My story is a sad one and I never understood why things had to be the way they were. Why didn't I have a family? Why did my brother get sick and end up killing himself? Why am I all alone?

I was never alone.

God was always by my side but I never understood that because the eyes of my heart were closed and I refused to open them. I refused to believe. I was angry and upset. How foolish of me! God never turned his back on me even if I deserved it for telling him to eave me alone after my brother died. Now, through my future husband, he gave me 3 siblings and 2 loving parents. I beg of you all, put your faith in God, believe in him and trust him. He will never disappoint. He knows better what you need and when you need it. His ways are different than our ways and even if we don't understand, we just got to have faith. God Bless You All!"

Christina I.

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Read how God has healed and blessed others through Agape.

I was stationed at FLW in 2008-2010, while I was there my son played little league football. There was another parent that I would talk to during our sons practice, he would talk to me about attending church and I would always have an excuse of why I and my family could not attend (Smh). I told him that I do love GOD and that I am confused as to why GOD loves me so much after a wild and crazy life and bad decision making that I should not even be alive. I also informed him that it’s weird to me that everywhere I go Afghanistan, Iraq, WOCS, sports etc.. That there is always a Devout Christian near me and we end up becoming good friends. He told me why that is, it’s because GOD has a plan for you that is why you are here, he is watching over your life keeping you from death. He said GOD is showing you  that he is always with you and he dispatches his Angels to be in your life, he said it’s no coincidence that you are surrounded by Christians everywhere you go. I felt it in my heart when he was telling me, but did not acknowledge this to him. That night I went home and told my wife about it and she said ..."MAYBE" I don’t know. I said I’m not 100% sure either. So a couple months later my wife was working at a group home, upon her way home she caught a flat tire and I was at work in a meeting I had my cell phone on silent. I never got her call for distress; she was worried it was a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon. She began to stress very hard as cars passed her by with no offer for help. She said she prayed to GOD for help (at the time my wife had very little faith but she prayed anyways), another car was approaching and she looked the man square in his eyes as he passed by a few minutes later he returned and said "I'm sorry ma'am, I was going to keep going but GOD told me you better turn around, do you need any help?" She said no I can’t let you mess up your white suit and white shoes he said " No I’m going to obedient to GOD and I can replace or fix this suit and shoes, I can’t fix being disobedient to GOD". A few moments later another car approached and another man stopped to help she recognized this church going gentlemen from our son's football practice, and then a minute or so later another church going gentlemen stopped to help my wife asked "are you guys coming from the same church or something?" they all replied "NO", the gentlemen from football practice smiled and said "this is where GOD wants you to be and it’s no coincidence that we all happen to be passing by at the same time!" , my wife said I believe you because my husband just bought these tires brand new a week ago she started crying heavily, the 3 gentlemen began to pray with her, for her and her family. When she came home she was excited and told me about what had just happened. She said you that one guy who you always talk to at Tyler's football practice I said yeah "MR. Charles" she said he was one of the people who helped me, I smiled and said Wow what are the chances the same guy who is trying to get us to go to church ends up helping my wife on the side of the road" I said remember when he said "GOD puts his people in our lives for a reason". I said "I never called him before, let me call him and tell him thanks!" when I called he instantly knew it was me, and said "I knew you would call, I think GOD has shown you something today" I agreed totally 100%. So me and my family started attending AGAPE that following week, and MR Charles became Pastor Charles Howard to my family. About a month later me and a co-worker were going to lunch discussing GOD and when we got to the food court we passed by a concession stand with a guy I used to see every day at the gym he used to ask me everyday "where you steal that name Hood from as he rode the exercise bike 100 mph". He was reading the Bible I tapped my friend on the shoulder and said "look man GOD's everywhere" He said "yeah I got to read the word every day, I feel like I’m starving without it daily". We had a small discussion about GOD and church, I said "brother... I can’t wait to tell you one of my testimonies of GOD'S greatness", he said "I can’t wait to hear all about GOD's work". Excitedly, I began to tell him the story you just read (If you ever met me you know I'm pretty animated so I reenact the story as I’m telling it lol).  He sat there with a huge smile and listened with his face just lit up with happiness. After I described my wife’s depiction of the 3 gentlemen to Brother Hood.... I explained that how the one brother had on an all white suit with some clean shoes "I think they were Stacey Adams" I said, I said "I wish I could just thank them and explain to them the testimony of their help". Brother Hood looked at me with tears in his eyes and said "Brother those weren't Stacey Adams I was wearing that day they were .... ....  (Another shoe company), I instantly broke out in tears in the middle of the food court and didn't care who was watching. My coworker started to cry too he said wow that powerful you see how GOD aligned everything from the start to this very moment I smiled and cracked a joke and said "that’s just GOD showing off again how mighty he truly is lol". We then bowed our heads and said a prayer thanking GOD for one of his many lessons and blessings and that he gives us every day. I tell you now I testify there is NO COINCEDENCE with GOD it’s his plan... I’m crying now just thinking about it...Sorry so long guys... but I have to explain in detail so you can see as my testimonies all will tie in together and remind us just HOW POWERFULL GOD IS! HOW LOVING GOD IS! And HE HAS A PLAN FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US!!

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James Hood

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