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Willie Moore Jr (Bio / Video) 

                                                         Willie Moore Jr. is an inspirational                                                                   speaker, licensed minister, Grammy                                                               recognized recording artist, comedian,                                                           actor, and Stellar Award Winning radio                                                           personality. Willie is the hosts of the                                                               nationally syndicated radio show “The                                                             Praise Mix Down.” In addition to radio,                                                           Willie is the executive producer of the                                                             “Willie Moore Jr. Live Flatout TV Show”                                                           currently airing in 116.1 million                                                                       households on the NRB Network, TBN’s                                                           JUCE TV & Dish Networks KTV. Willie                                                             is also the servant leader of the                                                                     national  youth organization, Young Fly                                                           & Saved. 


                                                         Born in St. Louis Missouri, Moore was                                                             adopted at the tender age of 3  months                                                           by the loving Willie Sr. & Flora Moore.                                                             Willie is quoted in many interviews                                                                 saying: “After God, all that  I am and I                                                           ever will be is because of  Willie Sr. & Flora Moore.” Willie’s parents pushed him to be a model student, landing him several scholarship offers for his academic and outstanding athletic ability. The four-time Missouri State track and field champion and Ferguson-Florissant school district graduate received a full ride scholarship to the University of Mississippi where he studied Psychology. 


After Willie’s college tenure he signed with a local record label that boosted Nelly and the St. Lunatics on their roaster as well. Willie signed a 1.3 million dollar deal with Universal Records. Willie outsold Whitney Houston’s national anthem during his first week of single sales. Willie later started his own record label WILFLO MUSIC GROUP and has landed distribution and licensing deals with Warner Bros. Records & EMI Christian. 


The dynamic nationally recognized speaker, singer & humanitarian travels the world adding value to people of all ages with his multiple talents. With an astounding social media following of over 3.5 million views on YouTube, Willie uses humor & music to penetrate the hearts & minds of all people. Willie is making impact & making his mark as a World Changer.

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